Monday, September 29, 2014

Cloudy 2 Animation Reel

While being back home in Sydney on a short vacation, I've finally had enough time (and motivation) to put together the shots I did while at Sony Imageworks on "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" back in 2013.

Looking back at this amazing and fun project, I became all nostalgic with a permanent smile on my dial as I reminisced on the good times and great friends I made. Not to say it wasn't a challenging and or difficult show, but I have incredibly fond memories of the time spent working on this film.

Here is my reel:

Thanks for viewing :D

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sony's Popeye Animation Test

Sony Imageworks have released the animation test for "Popeye" directed by Genndy Tartakovsky on to their YouTube page.

Incredibly inspirational and insanely cartoony!

I'm so glad they decided to release this and hopefully it becomes a feature sometime in the near future!

Friday, September 12, 2014

"The Little Prince" First Japanese Teaser

Here's the first of many posts that will be "The Little Prince" related over the next several months as more and more start to become released.

A Japanese teaser (that can only be described as the teaser-iest of teasers) has been released. Showing one shot of the fantastic stop-motion work and one tiny slivered sampled section of a huge amazingly animated 3d shot done by Tania Simeons.

Here's the translation
Dear Le Petit Prince, where are you now, what are you doing? I miss you........(StopMo)....(CG).......Title: The Little Prince and Me.....brought by the original animation... to you... 2015 WINTER