Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hotel Transylvania Animation Reel

Hotel Transylvania was by far the best (and most challenging) project, as well as the most rewarding. After returning back to Sony Imageworks from holidays to work on "Cloudy 2", I was able to obtain the shots I animated on Hotel T.

Above is a drawing that director Genndy Tartakovsky drew in a dailies session to convey his wishes for this particular shot in the pool sequence. I was lucky enough to keep it and have him sign it. He also drew a 'Dexter's Laboratory' drawing in my book. I totally geeked out.

Here's my reel:

Congrats to everyone who worked on it and contributed to its success, and to everyone who went and watched it!


  1. <3 that you got it signed, beautiful and solid work sir :D

  2. That's a completely beautiful reel Dan! Really love the cartoony stuff and I can't wait to see this film. Hopefully it'll come out on BluRay in the UK soon. Also, you're working on Cloudy 2? ENVY! Cloudy is probably my favourite animated film ever ever ever! Nothing's inspired me so much after watching it in the cinema. No pressure man :P

    1. thanks bryn! that means a lot to me :D i've been extremely fortunate to once again work on a life's dream project. will do you proud hah!