Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daniel Fotheringham Podcast

When I was living and working in London, I recorded a bunch of conversations with artists / friends. The concept was to speak to people in the industry of various experience levels and backgrounds, and I had the privilege to even record them in different countries (including Germany, Singapore, England, Wales). Time and life got the better of me and I never released them.

The first one that was recorded was with the very talented Daniel Fotheringham in London, August 2011. We discussed his work flow, the process he uses to animate quadrupeds, and the balance of life and work while living in London.

Running time is: 23:09mins

Dan's website :
Check out Dan's crazy awesome reels here :

Thanks to Bryn for listening and motivating me to get this online!

Let me know if I should work on the others and release them eventually.


Disclaimer - In no way is this a professional recording, apologies for any ambient noises or change in volume.